Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas  

Looking for kitchen storage ideas? Wasting space is one of the most recurring problems spotted by our sales team, due to poor initial design or old trends. However, there are a few simple ways to gain some extra storage in your kitchen.  

Storage opportunities | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Exploit narrow storage spaces 

 The fridge area is one of the most common gaps left in kitchens. This can occur if your chosen fridge is smaller than first imagined, leaving a slight gap on either side. This gap may be large enough to provide efficient storage space. Providing the space available exceeds 100mm, the addition of wine storage may add to the aesthetics of your kitchen while also offering more storage. Given that fridge, gaps are between 500-600mm, shelving may be considered a waste of available space. To make use of such space, the addition of a tall pull-out can prove a much better use of space. Narrow caps in other areas such as sink units can also be solved using bottle and towel pullouts. 

Storage opportunities | Direct Wholesale Kitchens

Utilise corners 

Blind corners can be somewhat tricky to work with. However, they do not always need to be an obstacle. The addition of a small bookcase in an awkward corner can give extra detailing, especially useful for those who like to keep their recipes close by. The space underneath wall units in blind corners may be used as a small home bar, which is perfect if there is a wine fridge underneath.  

Fill the space 

The most effective way of making use of wide spaces in kitchens is islands. Whether freestanding or on castors, they serve a range of functions: additional food prep space, additional entertainment space and a casual table for dining. The integration of drawers into these small islands further adds to their value.  

There are often fillers used in kitchens throughout the design. These can sometimes affect the symmetry of the kitchen. Instead of adding a filler, a shallow void can be used. For example, this shallow void can be used to store narrow items such as brooms and mops. Not only is this space now functional, but it also blends seamlessly into your end cabinet.  

These are just some of the ways you can make use of space in your kitchen, if you would like to find out more why not get in contact and speak to one of our skilled design teams. 

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