Why choose a slab door?

A slab door is a solid, flat kitchen cabinet door with no frame or panel. Slab kitchen cabinet door styles are usually selected for transitional and contemporary designs. The slab kitchen cabinet doors shown below are available in a variety of wood species and contemporary materials including foils and acrylics. Flat-panel doors, otherwise known as “slab” kitchen cabinet doors, are increasing in popularity, largely because they lend a modern look to any kitchen and because of the way the door creates the smooth, clean, uncomplicated lines of contemporary design. Slab doors have been very popular in Europe for decades. As with many trends that are popular in Europe, it often takes a few years for North America to catch up but over the past few years we’re seeing more and more homeowners choosing slab doors for their kitchens. If you’re looking to achieve a European inspired look, then this door style might be just right for you!

A recently introduced range to DEK is called Ferro and is derived from 18mm MDF slab door and finished in a metal paint on face and edges, and colour matched rear side. Further reactive processes are used to create a weathered finish. Consequently, as the weathered finishes are creatively bespoke, each door will be different in colour and pattern structure.


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