The first key trend we anticipate for 2020 is the continuation of the handleless kitchen designs, which have become so prominent over the past 24 months. If you are looking for a clean, contemporary design or even if you just want to have that concealed look in your home  -including the handles, then the handleless kitchen may be the one for you with its wide variety of colours available.

The beauty of our handleless range is the easy clean features of the ranges which allows for little to no visibility of smudges on the doors which is a great benefit to families with small kids or just in general with the everyday workings around the kitchen.

Framed Kitchens

Our in frame Belgravia Range was an instant hit this year when it was released and for obvious reasons too. The purpose of the frame, besides its unique features, is to bring structure to the front of the cabinet. The in-frame look is a traditional style often seen in the past by skilled craftsmanship and traditional cabinet construction.

The frame itself is a visual feature in itself. It is a talking point that a lot of people love to incorporate in their kitchen. While in-frame kitchens have mostly been reserved for traditional kitchen designs, modern styles are now also opting to use an in-frame design given its durability and use of solid wood.

Dark kitchens

Hungry for colour or simply want them stand out features in your home? Dark kitchens are a trend we expect to see really hitting off in 2020 with the use of matte black, graphite and Lava available in most ranges. In 2019, the incorporation of those darker colours often appeared mixed with light or dark grey to create a beautiful contrast in the heart of the home.

If you are not sure whether to make the bold move with this dark, modern look then try incorporate darker wall units with lighter base units and island as seen in the above image.