What is a contemporary look?

A contemporary look brings seamless, minimalistic features to your home with their stylish, chic look built on the idealism of clean lines and light open spaces. This can often give the impression of a larger kitchen in often smaller work areas.

All images below are taking from our true Handless range. A seamless, elegant and above all contemporary kitchen range.

Creating the look

The use of lighter colours along with the help of natural light entering your home, often gives the impression that your kitchen is a lot grander than what actually is the case. (Check out our previous blog on making a smaller kitchen look more spacious).

Cabinetry with a matt-effect finish is making waves in the world of contemporary kitchen interiors . Effortlessly sleek and sophisticated – particularly in this above tone. It makes the perfect addition to a state-of-the-art space.

Let the natural light pour in! Clean lines, graphic fixtures, a simple colour scheme, and plenty of natural light not only give you this contemporary look, but it is a real focal point in your home. This space designed features all the characteristics of a striking and modern kitchen.

Modern designs are streamlined, sure, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for experimentation and bold choices. In modern kitchens in particular, lighting provides the perfect opportunity to play with design and scale.

In this above design, they incorporated a red brick wall feature with modern, two tone true-handleless cabinet doors to create a beautiful contrast with a classic and modern clash. While the two tone cabinets and red brick features dominate the room, the wood surfaces add stability and warmth to the kitchen to complete this gorgeous, unique design.