Making use of your space

Are you longing for a grander, more spacious kitchen but simply do not have the room to incorporate everything you want in your new kitchen? DO NOT GIVE UP! Help is here with these great small kitchen ideas.

With our kitchen designers, there are multiple components that can be added and subtracted than can make your smaller area more spacious and offer more than you dreamed possible.

To begin with, a good creative design is key when it comes to small kitchen ideas which will most definitely maximise your bang for your buck. Here are a few clever design tricks that will not only create the illusion of a bigger kitchen, but will maximise every square inch of the space available.

Kitchen Colour

Typically, darker colours can often make a smaller area feel more cramped and look  a lot smaller than it actually is. However, with the appropriate design, dark cabinets or wall units can be used when paired with lighter kitchen elements.

Often, a mix of light grey coloured wall and base units with a dark grey kitchen island are a big hit. Not only do the two colours create a beautiful contrast, but it is a focal point in your home when you have family or friends. This combination is unique because it is a bold move that not not many people move for!

If you want to stay away from darker colours or simply do not like mixing and matching colours, then using light colours along with using natural light will always give the illusion of a much bigger kitchen. Not only will it give the impression of a larger kitchen, but it brings a contemporary feel to your home with this style.

Design & Appliances

Avoid overly decorative crown mouldings and cabinet door styles. Minimal, clean design lines work best. We would recommend integrated appliances that seamlessly match the cabinet colour enhance the design and make the kitchen look larger. We would recommend a shaker style door or a contemporary handleless kitchen like our Zola range.

Consulting a brilliant design team

An experienced kitchen designer will bring their design expertise to the table by sharing their tried and true tips for selecting appropriate cabinetry, appliances, and space-saving options. Thankfully at DWK, we have multiple design specialists which will help you design the kitchen of your dreams!

Your investment in good design is going to render a kitchen that will fit your lifestyle and make the space the most efficient it can be. With high quality software, we can render a life like image of what your kitchen will look like! Why not schedule a free in-store consultation today!

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