What Are In frame kitchens?

In frame kitchens are a kitchen design style where the door of the cabinet is inset within a wooden frame. The frame is then fixed onto the front face of the kitchen carcass.

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Purpose of In Frame Kitchens

The purpose of the frame, besides its unique features, is to bring structure to the front of the cabinet. The in-frame look is a traditional style often seen in the past by skilled craftsmanship and traditional cabinet construction.

The frame itself is a visual feature in itself. It is a talking point that a lot of people love to incorporate in their kitchen.


For hundreds of years, the vast majority of kitchen cabinets were crafted using the in-frame method where the cabinet door is perfectly fitted within the carcass. The in-frame look was a very popular kitchen in homes back in the early 1900’s.

Modern in-frames

Modern in-frames have a simple and elegant look. This type of kitchen design looks better no matter the style of your kitchen. The edges of the cabinet doors are less likely to show wear and tear, making your kitchen look great for longer.


While in-frame kitchens have mostly been reserved for traditional kitchen designs, modern styles are now also opting to use an in-frame design given its durability and use of solid wood.

In-frame kitchens use a much more rigid form of construction. While in-frame kitchen cost is higher than that of a frameless kitchen, the latter tends to be less durable.

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